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Best Darius Garland Rookie Cards

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Hello! If you’re looking for a list of the best Darius Garland rookie basketball cards, then you’ve come to the right place.

Darius Garland is one of the best young players in the NBA right now, and his rookie cards are some of the most sought-after by collectors.

While Garland doesn't have the flashy style of some of the other young stars in the league, his steady play and impressive shooting have made him a favorite among basketball fans.

Darius Garland rookie cards are highly coveted by collectors, and they are likely to only become more valuable as Garland's career progresses if he continues to play at the level he's playing.

So if you're looking to invest in a Darius Garland rookie card, now is the time to do it. You may not be able to get your hands on one of these cards for long.

The experts here at Sports Card Sharks have spent countless hours sifting through each and every Darius Garland rookie card on the market and have compiled a list of the ones we feel are the best of the best.

We sincerely hope you appreciate this list of the top Darius Garland rookie cards we've compiled for you. Enjoy!


How Do We Pick The Best Cards?

The rookie cards we select for our lists are judged based on 3 criteria:

  • Design / Aesthetics
  • Price
  • Rarity

What Makes Us Different?

At Sports Card Sharks, we tend to go against the grain. We typically aren’t buying what everyone else is buying when everyone else is buying it, so if you’re moving with the masses this may not be the right list for you. Adios!

Why Should You Trust Us?

Our Founder is an 80's baby that grew up in the 90's collecting sports cards during the junk wax era.

While card collecting when on hiatus for a couple of decades, that passion was re-sparked in 2020 and we haven't looked back since.

We spend countless hours researching each player and constructing these posts to help you save time and energy so that you can focus on the fun part which is collecting!

Darius Garland Player Profile

NBA Draft: 2019 (Round: 1 / Pick: 5)

College: Vanderbilt

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Position: Point Guard

Height: 6' 1"


Date of Birth: January 26, 2000

All-Star Appearances: 1x

NBA Championships: 0x

Career Statistics: View Here

Why We Love Darius Garland

  • He had a breakout year in 2021-22
  • Already an All-Star in his 3rd year in the league
  • Great scorer and passer

Our List of the Top Darius Garland Rookie Cards

Photo of a 2019-20 Darius Garland Kaboom Rookie Card

1. 2019-20 Darius Garland Panini Crown Royale Kaboom Rookie Card #22

Aren't Kaboom cards the greatest? We're absolutely obsessed with these things. We love the blend of the sports world with the comic book world. These designs are something collectors will love from generation to generation.

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Photo of a 2019-20 Darius Garland Panini Prizm Silver Rookie Card

2. 2019-20 Darius Garland Panini Prizm Silver Rookie Card #288

Prizm is the gold standard when it comes to basketball card collecting and the Silver parallel is a staple rookie card for any Darius Garland fan.

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Photo of a 2019-20 Darius Garland Certified Graffiti Rookie Card

3. 2019-20 Darius Garland Panini Certified Graffiti Rookie Card

We love the integration of the graffiti into this Darius Garland rookie card design. Street art is synonymous with basketball culture and we think it's a great fit.

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Photo of a 2019-20 Darius Garland Mosaic Genesis Rookie Card

4. 2019-20 Darius Garland Panini Mosaic Genesis Rookie Card #249

2019-20 was the first time that Mosaic existed as a standalone set without the "Prizm" designation. There are so many different parallels to choose from in this set but we're personally fans of the "Genesis" as they look cool and have a short print run.

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Photo of a 2019-20 Darius Garland Select Courtside SIlver Rookie Card

5. 2019-20 Darius Garland Panini Select Courtside Rookie Card #204

Select always seems to fly under the radar and believe it or not, these Courtside Silver rookie cards have a shorter print run than the Prizm Silvers. #IYKYK

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Photo of a 2019-20 Darius Garland Donruss Optic Red Rookie Card

6. 2019-20 Darius Garland Panini Donruss Optic Red Holo Rookie Card #195

We're big fans of color-match rookie cards where the colors in the card design tie into the colors of the player's uniform and that's precisely why we've included this Darius Garland Optic rookie card on our list.

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Photo of a 2019-20 Darius Garland Court Kings Blank Slate Rookie Card

7. 2019-20 Darius Garland Panini Court Kings Blank Slate Rookie Card

Court Kings was probably our second favorite release of the 2019-20 NBA season. Minimal designs can be hit or miss at times, but these Blank Slate inserts were a slam dunk.

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Photo of a 2019-20 Darius Garland Immaculate Red Rookie Card

8. 2019-20 Darius Garland Panini Immaculate Rookie Card #69

Rookie cards from the 2019-20 Immaculate basketball set come with sleek designs and short print runs. This red parallel only has /49 in existence so they can be tough to get your hands on.

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Photo of a 2019-20 Darius Garland One & One Rookie Card

9. 2019-20 Darius Garland Panini One & One Rookie Card #117

We feel as though Panini One & One was far and away the breakout set of 2019-20. Beautiful designs, short print runs, and the fact that you literally only got 2 cards in a box made this the ultimate gamble.

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Photo of a 2019-20 Darius Garland National Treasures Rookie Card

10. 2019-20 Darius Garland Panini National Treasures Rookie Card #96

National Treasures is the creme de la creme in sports card collecting. Ultra-premium card stock, incredible designs, patches, autographs, etc make this an incredibly high-end basketball card set. We highly recommend getting your hands on one of these if you can afford it.

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